Benching .."I do it  MY WAY....."

The  last few weeks  I observed and followed this  BENCHING  thing on FB


Although during my walks  through nature   I do rest  on a bench.. but not  in the mindset  this phenomen really ( was about.


..until this morning..:


I had decided that today was a  perfect CHRISTIANE GIFTING DAY. !!meaning , have a nice lunch  with myself , then relax  the afternoon in a spa...!!


Packed my bag for the Spa ..And..there IT was again..could feel already  the  OLD WELL KNOWN DARK ONE  ..popping up each time I just wanna do something nice and fun for me..just like special reason....


Hi dear, do you really mean that its appropiate spending , rather spoiling  money for stupid pleasures YOUR SITUATION..hein..( I do not work for the moment)


Meanwhile my Master already relaxed in a nice  sun chair, bikini , and a fresh juicy cocktail in her hand..I knew she was there, would stay beside me....(think she just want to see how my human  is getting along.

I Am  the only  one  that takes  decision  on  how  I  want  spend  my  money

.no chance for any Aspect in whatever form it shows up.


Till now it   was  rather  a bbig   muggle  pool

Now, in  2017 It is enough.. so finally  I found myself in my car , SITTING   there,  my  todays  bench just allowing , with every breath in , breath out, let  it  all flow  through.  JUST  ALLOWING!!  TODAY I did it  MY NEW WAY..MORE to come soon!!