MasterSoul, Human and Creations/Allowing

It has been some days now i just did not feel like writing i am back:)


Such an intense Time right now....Why, Whats this about? ..i just felt ( for a while yet) and decided now to leave my actual appartment, leave Luxemburg as well ...not quite having a plan where !

Maybe nothing special,: my human goes mad..old patterns trying to push me or go into action..i just see and feel this part of me scared and getting things done , in order not to miss an occasion..or failing and.....nightmares....just based on fear, mind wanting to keep me back in cosy comfortzone.


I do not proclaim jumping over all that shows up, i feel it strongly direct  and ..then i call my Master up, and give him the key of the speedboat:))..Even this just word..cause  i can  still manage the speed..just by choosing what really feels appropriate to me....

I do not have to proove to anyone..anything..just for getting "THUMBSUP" in a social media order to feel COOL.....I am very well familiar with this aspect.


All these voices in my head...people around me, close to me giving me hints, advices...rather impulses..of what could be "for me"...And when i am not taking care of myself..Human jumps on this and wants to fix it as THEONE WAY POSSIBLE...nailed and fixed!!

And as i am the Creator, consciously Of MY LiFe..i can adjust the result at any level to what i want have..and  just feeling inside of me, connecting to my wise and compassionate Soul.


This means for me just step back , behind my "little wall", observe, getting out of the noice "OF ALL THE VOICES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE ME..breathing..Allowing my Self to let it come to just the perfect time and outlook( this for the mind ..human is the most challenging part of it...)

I do tend very easily, forget that i have already made the coice, that in some other reality, i feel, sense and know that i already live it...When i get too much mindy.., do not see anymore the abundance i have....potentials nearby.., i easily " tell myself"  that i am not creating, wishing , visualising correctly....(More voices..)

AND Breath..Breath...Breath...take with every deep and conscious breath all back to me....All  until just feels free and sunny inside of me....DONE.

What is next to do...let' s start with one step, step , breathing..:))

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