I am sitting here in my sleeping room in Hamburg, where i just experienced my first houesit: took care of a cat, NANOU.....


In reality , it was about going "more " ways of how things should happen , new ways of how answers, help, creations , wonders, should come to me.


Indeed, again i just can but BOW in front of my human...she ( nearly wrote IT...) is so bold , courageous   almost at a point of where she just can't do anything but dropping of the swords....sounds like i am talking of ADAM, dropping his sword..


What a blessing all this adventure , this experience here is .I had such a , my aspects gave me some headaches at a point i wanted to cancel, one day before leaving.....Truly!!


!And THANK ME, that i  am aware of my Self in such a way, that i could see behind it all.  I allowed myself to feel the resistence  and  went  for it anyway...

I just knew this time I want go for it..going beyond  my inner manipulator. I  can feel right now that I  took a big  leap: being able to sense the diffrence of energie: resistance or simply my  inner compass telling me to check again  AND  going  even  beyond  this: because my MASTERSOUL just jumps into every experience ,drinks the wisdom, bathes  herself  into  the sensuality of it  and  ENJOYS.


When I went for letting go my little human stubborn  expectations  ,this FILM  my mind made up  and put on REPLAY  days before.... I  experienced MAGIC..



From the weather  forecast, to the travel itself: when I decided to go for a walk, wheather  was  always  perfect at that moment( knowing that IT did rain a lot, cold windy...) Or: there were some works on the SBAHN going on, meant I  had to take different  busses  and  never had really to wait for  the  next  one. Or  people gave me answers to questions  I didn't ask them .


Professor Adamus was also present: the day I  arrived I had  to  take  a  bus , very crowdy and heavy energy ,all of sudden a woman sat  in front of me quite  smiling: right when  I felt I WILL NOT STAND THIS HOUR DRIVE....

She just was there, smiling quitly breathing, AND I  started  doing  the  same, feeling quickly coming back to mySELF, more clear, like in a coocoon of my own safe space .Without asking her anything, she just showed me where I had to get out, and take the following bus.



I gave myself a gorgeous and beautiful lesson in allowing  it  all  to come  to me.



     The  owner  of  NANOU , the cat , is a teacher and  has  a  13years  old  daughter ,very  much  new energy  ,in a strong clear and stubborn  way, not letting herself push for anything.


Told you that this housesit showed up completely not the way  not the way it was  "supposed  to be  :because of the weather this lady's plans  didn't work .

To make  it  short: it ended up that I had my first 2 days of the sit with two 13years old teenagers, did a lot of talking , cooking, watching films .I  got  informations of future  potentials  for a kind of work  I wanted to do long ago, (and I am doing already in dreams on THEOS).Her  mom  told me that in this school , a former nurse now works there as an assistant( for Kids that do not "fit" in the system , somehow like a mediator between teachers and them).


To explain : as  a  kid  I always wanted to  become  a  teacher. I  let  it  go because of long studies  ,then for years  I have  had   this dream of teaching the  new  ones, telling them a bit about  how  humans  live on this planet.



This  all  may  seeem  not  so  special,  but I  got so exited. My  master  jumped  like  a child .My whole   stay just was smooth, and in every step , whenever  I  just let go  of  resistence  , fears , or whatever ,.another  wondrous  picture showed up , blossoming  like a flower in spring.


AND I created ALL OF IT ! So  easter  with this rebirthing  topic, fits  my  story  perfectly. AND it is still   not over,  because  the  lady  asked me for another  sit  in  Mai  and  August.


When, weeks ago I was panicking  about  the idea  of  leaving  my  country  without  having  precise plans,  now I feel   calm  and  trust myself  more  and  more. It  all  unfold   ...step  by  step ....simply by ALLOWING.

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