Creating my SAFESPACE

  For many days , or weeks  I  am  experiencing  intresting  things in my life/in me.


Till now  , for  years, I  never  felt  save . Today  I know  that it is because  I did not feel save  with  myself. A whole box of  old  stuff  was connected  to  this: as  long as I continued  playing  the "unsafetyness" , I could always hold on to OUTSIDE  world, not taking fully responsability for my self, and my creations ( conscious or not).


For few month now I am following a group of Master Creators, with regular meetings, workshops , where  people from all over the world come together: exchanging, creating enjoying life  having fun  together.


Since  then  I  started  showing up  in  FB groups( something  I never had  done  before, and judged fearcely till now),  my writings, and also expressing myself  in a way, I  was avoiding  many years.

What changed? 


Well, ME..first of all. I  am fed  up hanging  on  the old aspect "little  me, hiding, moaning alone in her little space", getting more and more frustaded  , tired of it.

And, I expanded   my  definition  of the SAFESPACE!!


Meant, that I had started for a moment now FEELING /SENSING  myself, taking  the entire "rattail" of stuff back home to  me ( so that old games were impossible) . Allowing  a truthful  look  at my creations till now, WHAT I really want to create now , and got support from someone I felt safe with in this  group.

I have allowed moments of despite, anger, fear , sadness, pure joy of just sensing myself in a way I had refused  for long time.

I have allowed listening to my SOULS voice again, tuned down for years, jumping  with  my  human   into "a voide" and  moments  later  finding US on  the back of a dragon , jelling and screaming in pure delight!


What I mean  is  that I can and only I do define my OWN SAFESPACE : as long as I am with myself, I AM safe: cause I decided IT to be so!


This is a complete new way of living, AND the only one I can go for now .

This brings up also things like:  I  decide to quite my job ( 1 year ago), leave  my  appartment   and   country I  lived all my life,  with  no all made  up  plan  where  I will  land. Or  yesterday:  I went LIVE  on  an  internet  gathering ( 24hours gathering with Michael and Robert Theiss), where I  spoke live in front of  many  people from all over the world  about my journey as MASTER and HUMAN.

Simply, because  my  heart  was pumping  so wild, nearly  to  explose  in  my  chest, my Soul already  pushing  the "show hands" button, long  before  my  human was finally  ready  to   go  for  it, and  this  pain,  stopped  as  soon as  I  spoke  up  in  front  of Robert "Michael_"


My mind  is telling  me  that  everyone  before  and  after  me  had  much  more  intresting, intelligent  things  to say, " fuck you!!!IT IS ENOUGH: I DID IT BABY, HELL YES , and  even  today I  feel happy  and   proud  about it!

I have a voice "HELLO", and I have  decided  to  let  my  Mastersoul  speak  up  through  me  and then IT  IS ALWAYS SAFE !


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