Walking in NEW Shoes

Since last weekend, it is just amazing what happens..on simultanious levels...


Last weekend it began with beeing pulled back in a very raw way to the topic if sexul energy virus...The first day just couldn't get out of my bed, crying  for no apparent reason,sleeping endlessly, and the main act of having my body a shower was like powerlifting.


I was judging myself a lot for this virus showing up back again , it's ugly face sneaking up from deep down the Hell!!


My soul just allowing me to be in that humaness, holding me tight..took care for it not to get hurt , by taking all stuff out of my feet : just like mom for her kid that just starts walking on its feet!

And somehow I  had an inner knowingness, that these aspects( cause this continued in bringing up old , merely forgotten stuff, aspects in the following days) showed up to come home finally,: like I  had opened the gate allowing them to come back, waiting for long time , tired of going back to my stage arena" same player plays again"


Simultaniously to that ( feels like on a festival with many stages and concerts going on at the same time) my body is changing, expanding, like in a super high voltage energy central, where adjustments are done. a word came up " Lightbody"


Course my human mind told me that iIam NOT , really not in that yet.. far away from it, and..who do you think you are...SHUT UP!!


Everthing seems effortless, , calm, the All, allowing...

Answers come to me without having asked , :  having an impuls/ potential showing up like a shooting star,  letting it go  ,with no intention on it, I find articles or during a discussion I have just the right infos  etc. to go further.


In old ways of creating , my human worked hard to have results, and it could never figure out the ways it is just  happening now.

My Souls just happy, having sometimes the human pulled back softly, or just making the body feel so heavy and tired that it has to rest, resistence becomes impossible.



Some days, even right now a slight of " what if I miss an important pattern I  do not want see, what if this is all just braking down, are you sure, ?, comes up.

Deep breath .


The old Me no longer exists, and even changes from moment to moment.

All this jouney is a grate adventure where it is all about remembering of what is already done..IT IS DONE, so no need to work for it, figuring out, I realize it is just a replay of a film, and IT is just to remember OF WHO I AM, enjoy the experience here Human AND Master Soul together.





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