For a while now I am working with a very special book , called  "THE ARTIST'S WAY", by Julia Cameron.


It came to me through a friend that had already done this 12 weeks programm.


I must say , I did not really consider myself as an ARTIST.., but I AM a creator, right and to some extent I could sense a deeper meaning to it.  Right now I am finishing "week 10" , although nothing new really came up, like I did a great  painting.

Nevertheless, even in subtil bases, big shifts occur., changes  seem to happen faster, I seem even more aware of patterns, and myself.


Magic happens ONLY through me opening up, going from old to new : Self love- self worth, my communication and connection with others  becomes clearer.



2 weeks ago, I decided  to be part of a programm "LIFE2.0",  a friend of mine, and a coach offered.

From the begin on I felt attracted, and again an old issue : money showed up.

Mind blabla ... telling me I have to watch out my finances, beeing on the road from july till....', you do not need it, .....this was very  soft, and endlessly working with me.


I felt  that there was something more to this  than  just the information through  this programm.

A week later I thought, "ok just the 1:1  , I am not for group stuff , for such a long time  (underneath  this I was aware that it was simply a matter of  cheaper,  and wanting to hide)


Some days of real intense breathings, fear  so deep, I decided very consciously  to break these chains and go for the ALL IN, means  the programm in the group.

As soon as i did it, peace, calm inside of me, no big issue anymore!! This all happened  on a very intense  human base., with  many  hours  of my MASTER  hugging  and  caring for  me.


Speaking of magic  : the  day after  I paid  the  class, my Gong was  sold( I have  been  trying  this for  month), and  for  a little  more  than  the price  of  the programm.


People, come into  my life  from  Canada, Brasil,  strangers  come talk to  me all of a sudden like  on  coincidence,.  AND  I  then  no longer  hide  , meaning  I  talk  to  them in the same  way   I do  with  the  conscious  Master  groups I meet  with.

Something  I wouldn' t have  done  before,   fearing  their  judgments etc


The  truth  is:  they  find  me, because  they  want  hear  NEW  ways  of how  to life, to create.

SINCE  I have  jumped  into LIFE,   even  if  I still do  feel intensly  the  human struggling, rather  human  limitations, I DECIDED  TO  CREATE  NEW, following  my  intuition , getting  the  human  away  from  my path, and  go  for  the  master guide.


Funny  stuff is that  I  see how  it relays  on money  as well , let go of  how  financial  abundance  has  to happen.

Whenever  I got  over  now  the issue  of  CHEAP,  decide  in  my  self worth  taking  for  example  a nice  beautiful  hotel  , instead  of  staying  in a friends  house  to save  money  : I  get  a  super  cool  new  room,  come  in a  discussion  with  this  brasilian  lady  that  never  before  talked  to  a guest  in the elevator  before. She  lives  in  the appartments  above  the hotel. We  had  a beer  together and  she  offered me  a job  in her  company  in Berlin...Potentials  show  up,  telling  me  to trust  myself, AND  there  will be  always  someone  to  help  me out, when  needed.



Although  I am  not, have  never  been  good in  maths, today  I put  up  a new equation  :