So often heard and read and talked  over it: light and  dark are  the same..Great!! But  in  those  moments  when  it  all feels  so damn  real..I had  difficult  in  the  past to  remind  it, be  still  and just  allow, honestly!

Nevertheless : tonight  I  had  it  again. For  a  short  moment  while  lying  on  my  bed, taking  myself  away  from  distraction, I  felt  "FEAR"  with  no  reason.

Kind  of  sickness,  tight feeling in  my  belly, foggy  clouds unpleasant (I am  judging  it)

Just  laid  down  with  it, resisting a  short  impuls of  going  out of  it,  breathing  deep  into my  belly.

Sensing  "seeing"  it   like  jelly  dark, sticky.  Continued  breathing...

Then all of  a  sudden  it  was  there: light.

I  went  on  saw  myself  from  a   distance, It  All became  clear:  Light  or Dark, when  I  just  go  through it, breathing, not  trying  to  change, or  go  into  wild  action, it  is  THE  SAME.

Its  all just  energy, and its up to  me if  I  judge  it  as  BAD /  GOOD.


I  really  have  to  do  nothing..Light or   Dark  is  merely  potent  energy, when  set  free  that  I  can  use to  serve me.

It  depends  on  from what  side  of  the coin  I  watch it /judge  it.

Cause  really its  just  neutral.


IAM  the  Master/ Creator  free to  choose  what  I let  into  my life.

What  AM I  choosing today?!