From State of mind to State of BEEING

The last couple of days , I have gone through some preadvanced "automn storms", just for the human.

Cause when I step into the Master Self, it is just the perfect respons to what I had asked for.

HMM did I ?

I smile, now..and just a breath  to soften and widen up, allowing a gentle warm breeze flow through the house of mine, clearing up and refreshing what was still stuck, layers of "dust", of  old believes, uncomfortable like hell .

In the End it is just making room, for WHAT IAM choosing now.

Creating my LIFE in the ease and grace of a conscious Master.

Mind , Ego, Aspects are having a  halloween party, yelling, and when it seems really TOO easy( says WHO??), my dramaqueen joins the festivitys, ....

The point of change now is: I just let them be, stop at the further .

It is simply nolonger question to go that way.

Physically, feeling nosious, heart beats very fast, fears of all kind , grabbing me  by the guts .

Sitting, breathing, taking me out of any distruction to avoid feeling.

Every breath gently expandingly grounds me deeper and takes me  back into my SAFE SPACE , inside of me.

Then , is like opening the window in an old space, when pure light flushes into the room : finding myself in the warm peaceful home of Self.

SHHTTT , I take over now, remember.

Challenging , yes  it feels like a muscle that has rested for long long time, now starts to get trained again.

It is nothing NEW, I know this way of BEEING, I know this voice, and I can feel it.

It is not even a plan B to go any further the other direction, even if it will tell me:we are safe, you know us.

The thing is, it is only comfy, not safe, if just in a illusionary way, cause I made up patterns to cope with what truly feels "wrong".

And, at the point that I Am, allowing , Beeing creating from a NEW level, old worn socks no longer work.

No fixing, or holding on to I discover how easy , more and more my life becomes.

If I am choosing it.