the ENSUITE Runaway Train is never coming back

Some of you may be familiar with the 90's song "runaway train( is never coming back)" The song was written to help find back young people that had disappeared from home, ..many had been found back through this song and the video.

For me this has a diffrent scent than the sad, dramatics behind  it: means its a promise more even a choice I have made.


Stopping the rollercoaster/ running away from whatever  stands at my frontdoor.

Not only does it  get easier  allowing to feel, above all I realise the last days that only by making this conscious choice  , potentials , impulses, clarity comes forth  for whatever question I have right now.


Even if I sometimes feel like stirring up the same porridge  soup . Just need to choose what I want experience, and Stop the porridge.


With each time I go deeper, feel myself I honour those parts I kept pushing away so often.

They are just like kids that want  have my attention.

There is  no  falling  back , just  deeper in myself,layer after layer...And it doesn't  take  the  intensity  from it.!! AT  ALL!!

I discover  nowadays, that this is kind  of  taking  care , cleaning  up. I feel raw  and  vulnerable. It brings  me  closer  to  mySELF

Letting pass the  runaway  train frees me  from  a weight  that  I  decided  nolonger  willing  to  carry.

I  want  travel light and  easy. gliding  into and through.