Waking up one morning after a night of deep far multi traveling, with a sense of : where do I come ?, Who has brought me here ? How long have I been here?


This words came not from the mind , but from a space within.


I wanted to delete this page here, when 3 weeks ago I followed an impulse to have a glimpse at it: 

nearly a year later , and I was honestly touched by MY of the many that I am.


Why continue, there are many doing this...?( my well trained mind)

Well because I have my own way of expressing , my UNIQUENESS  blossoms and comes through exactly THAT way of  shares. 

What do I want with this.?

I just love playing..with myself ( mostly­čśü, with others=me in a multitude of facets, words food ) just BEEING.

Being Me : humorous , curious open , drama arrogant, dark light and "light, crazy, unclear , wise a mess, the entire palette of lushness, unlimited ever flowing abundant .....and more.

For some time I feel like exploding in colors inside and outside..

And this feels so alive, although one (?­čśť) could mean I do nothing.

Breath, Breath..and each breath brings me deeper to the core of MYSELF , And simultaneously expanding  endlessly.