Bringing it Back home

Home is where IAM!!


So true, as I am about to leave my 1year stay and get off far from my homeland, where I was born. All that was so familiar to me: not that I identified myself with being Luxembourg or German...just comfortable.




And I just mention the human 3D reality, as I can feel ALL the other layers underneath...identities taken over the many roles I have played here , people that have been in my life and played with my identity ...


Beneath and even simultaneously to quite some sadness I feel Joy, curiosity for the new...going into not knowing , but following this inner voice and knowingness.



Detaching myself  and open the door to let the NEW in, let my BEEING ME in, expand: it has always been there, just hidden.


I still have 1 week until I pack my car with 2 suitcases, laptop and cards..and It took me 1 year since I had this dream of leaving with just THAT, nothing else.


I have felt into other options, but even if the trip lasts only for 3 in this place it is done. I have to take my energy with me and  see WHAT lays  behind underneath. the JEM .


I will start in North Germany, and it sounds a bit like a farewell AND celebration, allowing that tingling vibrant kindred exited  curious open IAM, my Self..dancing and jumping cheering. 


It feels odd somehow heartache And that excitement Trust and FOLLOW but THAT.


SHT to the voices..It is a sensual dance with energies and consciousness.


I live with this reality, and all in the same I AM operating / being in another dimension where creation happens through IAM consciousness. , a place  where magic happens.


Bringing IT back home is  JUST BEING my living nature.


I feel it like through traveling I just expand all around me , NEW happens or IS already through ME BEING.

It is a sensual waving dance with in its centre a crystal light, radiating from and back to ME.


All I want IS JUST ME. AND  where all the rest ( what the human needs and wants) is just taking care of without me interfering or forcing it. 

How come? All I sense is that it IS JUST NORMAL THAT IT WILL BE LIKE THIS..!!