Story of a Washingmachine- Unfolding into Being

  Curious Title, hmm

But it actually describes best  how I feel right now.


A long time ago..I decided to start a program here: experiencing playground earth as a Soulbeing.


Exited and happy to get started: iii forgot all about what or even THAT I had chosen this, as soon as the door of the machine closed. 


Pushed the START button . GO


What now is happening, in my day to day or rather moment to moment experiences, is an crazy hell of a ride( therefore the analogy with a waschingmaschine, in the spinning phase)


Sometimes not knowing anymore wheres UP or DOWN or LEFT /RIGHT. 


especially when the mind mixes up: like a grandparent giving GOOD WISE advices..for things THEY never experienced.😜



No one has: so why the hack do I choose to do , this?


Running behind a carrot ...


For the pure passion /Joy to FEEL, to experience into Becoming, unfolding , clearing out and off All that does not suit .


Stripping off Dust and Dirt of old identifications, integrate , and allow  the masters wisdom free All of my Experiences, to sort out distill the beauty in them.


For  the naive natural pure PASSION of Being, and the path  of the experiencing it, all the way .


Days where I cuss and swear like an old drunk pirate, when II whine and feel sorry for myself, where I feel going completely out of order ( Halleluja 😁)


Yes I go out of an OLD order, to Allow MYSELF .


So NEW with the carrot I follow  CALLED TRUST in the only truth that is I EXIST.



All the tumbling is just a cleaning off of what does not suit or fit.


Just pushed the BUTTON : deep clean: OFF we go for another ride. WHEEEE 🤪