a sensuality dance



Communing is when sensuality  is the new way of communicating: my Soul Joy of pure existence expressed   into energy. 


Communing with the energies all around me and within, IT IS ALL mine.


Standing outside , feeling the wind on my skin: its like it is making love with me, my entire being.

Energy in hearing a dry leaf pushed forward by the wind on stony ground...its like a symphony that tingles , , thrills my body and beyond..

Everything (when I go beyond just hear, feel see with the human senses)  is music, symphonies that expand into the universes of ME.


True sensual experience nourishes me deeply. I am abundant.


In stillness, going within myself, especially when its going seemingly wild outside, IAM ALL I desire need want, even "needs and want" become irrelevant. 

In stillness IS ALL ME.

I see and feel it like in midst of a storm I just STOP and only then every answer  , Energy comes to me.

Its not when I always run behind chasing or trying to control .

Even breathing and communing with emotions, sets them free , and puts them in a state of neutral..energy I can use for creation.


Tapping on my laptop is a sensual music, vibrating with my body and into the cells..Its all dancing and

..ITS A. JOY DANCE for celebrating MY BEING.