Waking up in the morning , with a burning pain in my chest.

Sounded and felt like a crackling ice when its melting in the early spring sun.. ☀️ 


like you take a bite  in a delicious "Magnum" ice stick , with  the chocolate  cover all over ..and you bite and first you have those cold hard bits of the chocolate jumping into your mouth...



Well thats somehow it felt  that moment... and as sweet and warm when its all melting  ..



I knew it was time.. could hardly breath. for the heartache was so intense, And I allowed the dance with my soothing breath take me down to its caverns.


I knew I was facing long deep buried , hidden and run away .;


I remember encounters in my dreams  in that dark cave where I could feel A presence, smell its odem before I could sense him and see his eyes.


A DRAGON 's shapes in the  mid dark room, asking me "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE"


And I know it was  an old part of myself, behind the threats and rows was  a huge pain.


Its not important WHERE WHY OR WHAT it was.


I keep breathing , feeling , allowing, tears, unstoppable made the release an soft soothing wave


I could sense and hear beyond human ears a crackling up the crust .


And simultaneously, a warm  deep love , a lightness took over all my being.


And this happening together with an  nagging urge to share, to connect,  to show up.


The mind tries  to get me " lets recreate the Wheel, or do something awesome.😜


Dear mind, take some holidays, 🧚🏽‍♀️ step behind and let me introduce to whom  NO ADDONS needed. 

   ALL that IAM  is just pure delicious joyful presence , dancing and enjoying  this human's experience, and the Master adding its  light of wisdom to these stories .



I feel I can nolonger shut down  for what I AM : it may be some days look human like, or banal, or childish. 

But what is for sure😂 is that I overstretched this article into A LOT MORE WORDS; STORIES THAN the Poem that was dancing inside of  .


Something I realized at the end of last year : I will never walk in YOUR shoes/never did; And you not in mine.


All that IAM is honoring  myself for where I came from  and put the MASTERS glasses on TO SEE what I allow.