"Artist is someone that creates, in one way or the other.

Generally it means in Art Music Acting

How does it feel when I open myself to the idea: I AM always creating.


Creation from within myself is always occurring , just because I AM! I EXIST as  Soul

From a place of unlimited potentials





This term of "REALITY ARTIST " introduced itself this morning, early at 6am: I was just waking up and went out .


It was magical, the air was soft and almost warm( if in winter you can speak of "warm)

I was standing under the garden"Palais" for a smoke, just enjoying  , just being.

The sky was interwoven by big soft white clouds, And dark ones,

It was like in a twilight : not yet the day, no longer night.

And the moon, soon to be full again still in light, with the shimmering shapes of sun , shy nearly peaking out.

Not even shy, just not ready to shine brightly in All it is.

And this is ALL me: reality around me IS only there because of me , conscious being.


A BREATH to allow it in , in all the grandness of this .

And still IT IS.

Reality ARTIST IAM. 

Be BOLD And Create   in Big strokes