Expanding in Being

Leaving behind the cloudiness of what served me in old ways , when arriving here on this planet.

Feeling like plasma today, in a strange way of fullness, limitless, no barriers in the former body structures.

The world around seems some days dull, grey chaotic, or in overload: like a costume that once fit me?or I fitted in ?

Like this flower, which needs no light from the outside, it may have its "days" , it still radiates on its own, has its own energy pipeline: so do I .

Without any motion that requests an energy involvement, there still is a motion.


Like an electric vibrant tone you may perceive on some foggy days.


Sensing a soft joy, vibrancy just to Be.

Like a dance, spiraling that produces an energy that on itself it produces a constant flow.


traveling in this human , carbon structure, discover new territories, sensing new flavors sounds and vibrations, each country, city has.

AND traveling in the limitless motion in consciousness.

When for now resting /sleeping is a falling deeper within myself, and layers of passed identities /lifetimes can leave, like a silk veil that is taken off.


I realize that the "craziness of some days, makes room for a knowingness, and an allowing the energies to come in that serve me, like an intuitiv wisdom, birthing an action , that in theory makes no sense.


It feels different than the searching before: comparing it like trying to force a donkey to move. THIS new is more like a dancing flow.

The mind, may go a bit wild, for short, and calms as I allow him to serve me to go on the handlings of the 3D reality.


feels like a world Trip, and sensing a real TRIP coming in: trusting that at the perfect moment I take a deep conscious breath...ACTION!