No, I am not going back to Church, or any other dogma.

I realised , that I had never been : as a child I went to church , cause it was just another playground for me to meet my friends, as a teenager it was to meet my fellows from the Youth Club we had in my village in Luxemburg. (some Sunday mornings were  with a little hangover, some had seen their beds just for 3 hours 😜,) I loved religion class in school for the old priest was such a gifted story teller ( fox and the wolf stories, I was as a child hanging on its lips literally, and he gave as a coin for ice-cream in summer).  NOTHING really religious. ( now gonna take the tight underwear of religion off , and let you read with more space 😂)


Why this title.?


Pretty good question.👑


I will never go in another sacred union but with MYSELF.


This is something that I knew for a while.


But only lately was I able to perceive  WHAT it really means to me.


Being HUMAN on this planet "Playground" ( remember its about Playing😜) was  more like having to drag a defaulted system behind me: unlovable, tolerable cause knows to behave well, unworthy  weak, imperfect.


The point where it becomes "itchy " is, when I am the creator in my life, as I am and each of us, then there is not only the human , there is the Master and   the Self/ Soul.


Using the Term "Master " was for me till now : good to interject in spiritual discussions , but I never did consider myself as such. 


Recently only it hit me  : I WAS BUT AN EXTRA IN MY LIFE  ( Creator of my life!!) instead of Art Director and Main Character /Superstar. 


In the easy life I have chosen, being in this Lifetime I have chosen to come as an Pioneer of NEW ENERGY  (YESSS!! IAM)


how do I want the energies serving me when in this Trinity Team ( MASTER HUMAN SOUL) each does its own or is not really  fully accepted and cheered as a Masterpiece Of Perfection.


Iam getting a bit high with the words floating out here.  So breath and..


Would I want marry me : YES !!


I am washed through with compassion and excitement simultaneously .


All that it needs is nothing but receiving All of me (the likes and not likes), its just energy, 


Allowing myself the grieve and some tears with letting go.


I realised lately that the sadness , tears , honest yes , but came more for letting go these old identities , AND the aspect , stories behind, not really about a person.


The wisdom of the Master ME  allowed me a new look on the stories in my life, we had some great "movie sessions"  together .


Still integration work 🙃 👑 takes place while each moment iam breathing life   Myself into my New Life, to let it take form. Each breath is announcing to the potentials and the energies "IAM HERE" , READY TO RECEIVE .


I will never go back in the OLD HUMAN WAYS   And  I  stay here on this planet .


The New Human  knows now it can choose how I want feel in the experience, I will never be trapped in something, as I have felt in my old life ( prisoner in my job, my body my family ).


I feel waves of love , honor for Myself .🌺


Breathing , allowing and choosing ( like when you get new furniture in your new house, and You tell the workers  where to put the furniture  )