This is not  gonna  be another  Travelblog.

Rather a  travelexperience  from  within....

I  want  use  this  part  here  as  a  playground, sharing  my  traveltrips, in  a  very  sensual  way: through  photos, insights ...

Starting  with  my  first one:  I  can  travel  wherever   I want, I am  always  carrying ALL parts  of me  with  me, whether  I  travel  "light" or  " heavy"  luggaged(  The  entire package is  what  you  are charged  more at the  airport for the overweight :)))


I will change  the content  regularly, through articles, pictures.


 How  did I come to this "TRAVEL and BE"?


well, it was during  a guided  meditation, that THIS  came  from within: as  soon as  I had  put  it  out into  words, my  heart  , my  body  and to  the  cells  ALL WAS  LAUGHING,

I  felt  expanded, in  a  way  never  had  before.


Till now  it  meant: to  Travel really , and  wherever  I was , just  to BE, ( that'l  be   enough)  :)))

For  a  few   days  , I  got  another  deeper  meaning/  knowing  on  that.

Traveling  is  an  outside  way  of  Expanding; leaving  the  comfortzone  of  the  well known

Beeing/BE  is  Expanding  from  within/ an  inside  way  of  expansion, if  I  consider  BEEING, as  ALL parts  of me and  beyond.


through  BEEING  all that  I AM, I Am  like  a  LIGHTHOUSE, radiating  my  Light from  inside  out

From  here  I  can  expand, be  this  lighthouse  is  like  a  ROCK, 

Beeing=  the  steady  and  fluent  safe   space, I  see it  like  an  octopuss, with  all its  arms..acting, moving  flowing  in  all directions.

From  this  center  of  BEEING  , I  create/  my  IAMNESS creates  Life.

I  will write  further  more  how  I  experienced  this  to  parts, during  my  3 month  traveling.

Discovering the BIG USA

Going to USA, was coming to me already in February this year: SAn Francisco!

I hadbeen there  10 years ago, first New York, then for 4 days  San Francisco.

I felt really attracted to the west coast.

Then I talked with some friends in Holland , that were planing to also go to America in July, first Portland, then Eugene and futher to the National Parks and Colorado.

To make it short: I was in: from 12 july to 17th I was with them...then until beginning august on my own.

Funn how it all then took place, when I stopped "planning". To a degree that I was unable to book a flight back: means I went to the US with a ONE-WAY Tiket. Even the BNB's I staid at only showed up by and by...My human in between slightly got crazy, above all for the mind.

And I have never done this before, and I find it mostly difficult to take a return flight. The entire month experience in Portland , Eugene, going over to Vancouver, Amsterdam, Norway all the same.

Just through following this inner Voice, a calling I was drawn to, I could not, didn't want to shut down, was merely trusting mySelf that deep.

AND if it wasn't adventurous enough, in the same period I planned my moving out and leaving Luxemburg: Homeless

All my belongings were in 4 boxes, 2 big lugages with clothes, and other smaller things..put in a storage, or wrapped up in my mothers closet.

What I discovered in USA, that I have never felt that save than there.

I challenged myself every new day: leaving my comfortzone in each moment, testing new food, walk around and go with my impulses, met some intresting people...Now only I realise that I had created it all..

Even on a deeper level: I did this traveling( and still am ..) to allow /experience expanding into my Soul Master....and I love opens my horizon..I went through some deep feelings,  fears ( one of the reasons I took a 1way tiket is that in any given moment I could go back to Europe.


At the end I did not really want to leave, And I still know feel  the potential of going back, more down to South California..until then I want test driving an automatic driven car, something I did not.

I still see feel  my dream with a nice open beach house, in an 2english speaking place, smooth wheather, me walking on the beach, feeling  myself  comftorable and  like  "settled, peaceful".

For  a while  I had  fixed  it  to California, Now  I set  it free just  keeping up withh the "SENSING" , i had  when feeling  into this  dream.

But wait: IS  it  JUST  a Dream, or am I already  THERE  experiencing  it???  To me  BOTH.